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Simon B's Story

  • He is a superb orthopedic surgeon


    From the very first consultation, I knew for certain that Mr Abbas Rashid was going to remedy my shoulder problem. He is a superb orthopedic surgeon who also possess the rare ability to communicate his knowledge, expertise, and professionalism to his patients in such a manner as to leave no doubt that you are in the best hands. Pre-surgery Mr Rashid took the time to thoroughly explain my shoulder joint problem and readily addressed all of my questions and concerns related to the diagnosis, the surgery and the recovery. He walked me through my X-rays and CT Scans, even drawing additional sketches to help explain exactly what he was going to do during surgery. Post-surgery, he scheduled regular follow up appointments to ensure my recovery was going well. He has been very accommodating throughout the whole process and did everything he could to make sure my needs were met. It was a pleasure to be a patient of Mr Rashid and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone experiencing shoulder joint problems I would also take this opportunity to mention the excellent facilities and service I received from the Hospital of St John & St Elisabeth and their staff. Quite simply the best hospital I have ever been in.

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