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    In November 2017 I tripped over a drain in the pavement and broke my left arm. The Xray that evening showed that, within the shoulder joint, the humerus was fractured and that there were three fragments. I was naturally anxious that surgery would be required. I saw Mr Rashid the following day. He demonstrated and explained the XRays to me and reassured me that surgery was not needed as the fragments were not displaced. He set out a clear plan of care, warned me that there was more to healing that simple pain relief and immobilization and gave me a precise timetable of follow up appointments. After a couple of months, he organized physiotherapy for me. In the event, my recovery has followed his predictions very closely and I am pleased to say that, despite my age (I am in my ninth decade) I am back on the tennis court twice a week, playing as well, or as badly, as before the accident. Mr Rashid was solicitous, optimistic and realistic. His warnings about the general debility of the first few months were accurate and reassuring and the symptoms vanished exactly as he told me they would. He is a surgeon with a calm, friendly and purposeful demeanor. I recommend him very strongly indeed. Howard Jacobs MD FRCP FRCOG Emeritus Professor, UCL School of Medicine

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