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Ayesha Q's Story

  • High level of care


    I can fully vouch for the high level of care Mr Rashid gives to his patients, having been under his watchful supervision since December 17. I am a keen sportsperson, and following a slip in the AA, I was rushed from my home to the Wellington Hospital late in the evening. Mr Rashid had been called back off duty to attend to me and I could not have been more fortunate to have him treat a distal radial fracture on my left wrist. Mr Rashid’s quick and mindful thinking has really paid dividends, and with a team of nurses, he was able to put the dislocated radial bone back into position under local anaesthesia, using just his own hands! There was a high possibility that the injury may have required further surgical intervention, but after close observation in the weeks to follow and regular check-ups, the recovery has been better than I could have hoped for. My first question to Mr Rashid in the first follow-up was ‘Will I be able to deadlift again?’, to which he told me that I will fully be able to do so again after a period of several months. Basic tasks like dressing, preparing food and working were very difficult after my fall. He has been very supportive and within 8 weeks (and after removal of my cast), I was lifting 2kg dumbbells and have progressively strengthened the wrist joint being able to deadlift 60kg again to now. I was also referred to a wonderful hand therapist by him, with whom I have continued to strengthen my wrist to now, and, there is some stiffness, I cannot be more appreciative when reflecting back on my journey. At all stages of my recovery, Mr Rashid has been very thorough to ensure that my wrist injury has been dealt with in the best possible manner, with regular diagnostic x-rays in the early stages. Mr Rashid has always been helpful and really goes the extra mile to check on his patients wellbeing, helping to arrange appointments, making a full and thorough assessment and exploring all options of treatment. What I value the most is that Mr Rashid is very approachable and genuinely listens to his patients, taking the time to explain what is happening at each stage. I am very appreciative of all his efforts. All the nurses I have come across have been equally complimentary of Mr Rashid. In short, a big thank-you to you!

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