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Sheila's Story

  • They take the time to make patients feel comfortable


    It was summer when I was about to travel back to Egypt, where I was teaching at the time. I had just bought a new house so I wasn’t very familiar with the layout, and on the very night I was due to set off for Cairo, I tripped over a ledge at the top of the staircase and fell, breaking my fall with my elbow on the radiator at the bottom of the stairs. My elbow was broken, but strangely I didn’t feel very much pain straight away.

    Nevertheless, I decided to get the train down to London, and by the time I got there my elbow was extremely painful. I started out by going to University College Hospital, where the consultant Mr Abbas Rashid confirmed that my elbow was broken and that it would need mending. It was a registrar that carried out the operation, however, and by the time I returned to Cairo I was still having trouble rotating my arm. A doctor in Cairo looked at my x-rays and pointed out that I had one screw that was slightly too long, and unless it came out I wouldn’t be able to rotate my arm.

    I thought, “Well, I’ll go back to Mr Rashid” because I felt it was important to stay with the same consultant. So I actively sought him out by googling to see if he ran a private clinic, and that’s when I found out about St John and St Elizabeth Hospital, and decided to go there using my BUPA medical insurance.

    I was really impressed when I saw Mr Rashid again, he was extremely nice and very transparent with me and his honesty put my mind at ease, so I was very glad that I had sought him out again. He carried out an operation to correct my previous operation so that my arm now works perfectly – it can do everything!
    Being treated privately at St John and St Elizabeth Hospital was a wonderful experience where I received really attentive care, and never felt rushed or in the dark about my treatment. A couple of weeks after the operation, I came back so Mr Rashid could check that the operation had been successful. He personally took me to St John and St Elizabeth Hospital’s onsite physiotherapist, and made absolutely sure that I was seen – it was the last day of the Christmas holidays and I was due to be flying back to Cairo. Mr Rashid did absolutely everything to ensure I received the care I needed before I left.

    Even the one time the clinic had run slightly over, Mr Rashid’s secretary Valentina brought me a coffee on a little tray, and sat with me and chatted while I waited. She was just a very pleasant lady and chatting with her made me feel comfortable and relaxed – and you can’t say that about every hospital.

    If you are poorly or in pain – which you usually are if you’re at a hospital – it’s very reassuring to have pleasant people around you who actually put your mind at ease. Often when you go to a hospital you can feel that they are too rushed, and the staff haven’t got the time to actually sit with you for a little while, or explain exactly what is going to happen. At St John and St Elizabeth Hospital they take the time to make patients feel comfortable, to tell them everything they need to know about their treatment and to make sure your visit to hospital is as pleasant and enjoyable as it can possibly be. I’m so glad I sought out Mr Rashid again and had my treatment at St John and St Elizabeth Hospital.

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