It was such a pleasure to meet Mr.Rashid last night, an extremely charming and kind man. I thought the premises exceptional and was so grateful for such amazing attention and efficiency. To have an injection too on the spot was incredible. I promised to let you know how it went. I woke this morning to absolutely no pain it was amazing to sleep so well too. Please do thank Mr Rashid for me. It’s great to feel positive again and I will work hard with the physio when I feel confident in the next few days. With kindest regards Jane de Savary

From the very first consultation, I knew for certain that Mr Abbas Rashid was going to remedy my shoulder problem. He is a superb orthopedic surgeon who also possess the rare ability to communicate his knowledge, expertise, and professionalism to his patients in such a manner as to leave no doubt that you are in the best hands. Pre-surgery Mr Rashid took the time to thoroughly explain my shoulder joint problem and readily addressed all of my questions and concerns related to the diagnosis, the surgery and the recovery. He walked me through my X-rays and CT Scans, even drawing additional sketches to help explain exactly what he was going to do during surgery. Post-surgery, he scheduled regular follow up appointments to ensure my recovery was going well. He has been very accommodating throughout the whole process and did everything he could to make sure my needs were met. It was a pleasure to be a patient of Mr Rashid and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone experiencing shoulder joint problems I would also take this opportunity to mention the excellent facilities and service I received from the Hospital of St John & St Elisabeth and their staff. Quite simply the best hospital I have ever been in. Sincerely, Simon Brown

In November 2017 I tripped over a drain in the pavement and broke my left arm. The Xray that evening showed that, within the shoulder joint, the humerus was fractured and that there were three fragments. I was naturally anxious that surgery would be required. I saw Mr Rashid the following day. He demonstrated and explained the XRays to me and reassured me that surgery was not needed as the fragments were not displaced. He set out a clear plan of care, warned me that there was more to healing that simple pain relief and immobilization and gave me a precise timetable of follow up appointments. After a couple of months, he organized physiotherapy for me. In the event, my recovery has followed his predictions very closely and I am pleased to say that, despite my age (I am in my ninth decade) I am back on the tennis court twice a week, playing as well, or as badly, as before the accident. Mr Rashid was solicitous, optimistic and realistic. His warnings about the general debility of the first few months were accurate and reassuring and the symptoms vanished exactly as he told me they would. He is a surgeon with a calm, friendly and purposeful demeanor. I recommend him very strongly indeed. Howard Jacobs MD FRCP FRCOG Emeritus Professor, UCL School of Medicine

I can fully vouch for the high level of care Mr Rashid gives to his patients, having been under his watchful supervision since December 17. I am a keen sportsperson, and following a slip in the AA, I was rushed from my home to the Wellington Hospital late in the evening. Mr Rashid had been called back off duty to attend to me and I could not have been more fortunate to have him treat a distal radial fracture on my left wrist. Mr Rashid’s quick and mindful thinking has really paid dividends, and with a team of nurses, he was able to put the dislocated radial bone back into position under local anaesthesia, using just his own hands! There was a high possibility that the injury may have required further surgical intervention, but after close observation in the weeks to follow and regular check-ups, the recovery has been better than I could have hoped for. My first question to Mr Rashid in the first follow-up was ‘Will I be able to deadlift again?’, to which he told me that I will fully be able to do so again after a period of several months. Basic tasks like dressing, preparing food and working were very difficult after my fall. He has been very supportive and within 8 weeks (and after removal of my cast), I was lifting 2kg dumbbells and have progressively strengthened the wrist joint being able to deadlift 60kg again to now. I was also referred to a wonderful hand therapist by him, with whom I have continued to strengthen my wrist to now, and, there is some stiffness, I cannot be more appreciative when reflecting back on my journey. At all stages of my recovery, Mr Rashid has been very thorough to ensure that my wrist injury has been dealt with in the best possible manner, with regular diagnostic x-rays in the early stages. Mr Rashid has always been helpful and really goes the extra mile to check on his patients wellbeing, helping to arrange appointments, making a full and thorough assessment and exploring all options of treatment. What I value the most is that Mr Rashid is very approachable and genuinely listens to his patients, taking the time to explain what is happening at each stage. I am very appreciative of all his efforts. All the nurses I have come across have been equally complimentary of Mr Rashid. In short, a big thank-you to you! Ayesha Qadir

We received wonderful care and attention from Mr Rashid after I fell, fracturing and dislocating my shoulder. He made the brilliant decision not to operate, but to let the fracture heal naturally and the dislocation right itself. A sling, regular visits and x-rays to check the progress of healing, proved very successful and he chose just the right time for me to start physiotherapy. It mended well, sooner than had been expected. With good physiotherapy I was able to strengthen all the muscles that were damaged and raise my arm right up. Mr Rashid looked after us with such dedicated care and we were able to email him any time with problems or worries. He would reply quickly and was always reassuring. All in all a very successful treatment time, with both friendly and happy visits to see him. We are very pleased to recommend him. Neil Osborn

Following a cycling accident in July 2017 where a fractured my left clavicle, I elected to have surgery performed by Mr Rashid. I had never had surgery before, but Mr Rashid immediately put me at ease on what the operation would entail and the recovery plan afterwards. The surgery was very successful and with the recovery programme supported by Physiotherapy designed exclusively for me by Mr Rashid, I have regained full movement and have no pain whatsoever. Mr Rashid is not only an excellent surgeon (my scar is barely visible) but also someone who understands how the body heals and what is needed at the important stages post surgery. I would highly recommend him. Rupert Dadak

I had an accident during a work trip abroad, fractured my elbow (both the radius and ulna) and needed 2 surgeries. Upon returning to the UK, I was informed that it was unlikely that I would be able to use my arm again normally. I lost all hope until I went to see Mr Rashid. With his high level of professionalism, knowledge, and ability to make a person feel at ease, I immediately knew that I was then in the best care possible. A rehabilitation programme was carefully drawn up for me, any question that I had was answered swiftly and I felt in control of my recovery for the first time. I was introduced to a brilliant physiotherapist who specialises in upper limb post-operative care and, like Mr Rashid, had a friendly approach. With Mr Rashid’s help and an additional necessary operation by this excellent surgeon, I am now back to where I was before my accident. I cannot recommend Mr Rashid highly enough.

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